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US woman arrested for bank robbery brags on YouTube about robbing a bank

Posted December 5, 2012 A woman tells, in a YouTube video, how she stole a car, smoked the marijuana found therein, robbed a bank, is a victim of the government, and told her mother it was the “best day of her life.” She was arrested before police even found the video. Read the full story […]

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EU tells Google to make its new privacy policy clearer and to give users easier opt-out

Posted October 16, 2012 EU regulators have asked Google to shape up its new privacy policy – a policy that most regulators found too vague and too tough for users to opt out of. But neither clarity nor easy user opt-out work in Google’s favor, and many of us are too addicted to cut the […]

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Google pleads for YouTube real-name use

  Posted July 26, 2012 Google is attempting to clean up YouTube commentary, by pleading with commenters to use real names when posting. Here’s the story. 

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