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Lax security blamed for 100,000+ sensitive files found on Manning’s PC

Posted December 20, 2011 The fourth pretrial hearing for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning put the spotlight on more than 100,000 sensitive documents and conversation logs between Manning and a former hacker. This case raises a core question: How can organisations contain the considerable risk presented by rogue employees? Here’s the story.

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WikiLeaks delays more secure whistleblower system

WikiLeaks has indefinitely delayed the release of a new system for whistleblowers to remain anonymous while submitting tips. Read the full story.

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WikiLeaks Exposes Thousands of Sources In Written-Password SNAFU

The cone of silence over WikiLeaks’ thousands of sources—many of whose lives are at risk if identified—has been shattered, all thanks to the most mundane, all-too-human security screwup imaginable. To wit: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wrote down the password on a piece of paper. Let us hope that this carelessness, this breathtaking lapse in security […]

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