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iOS dictionary apps posting false piracy “confessions” onto users’ Twitter accounts

Posted November 14, 2012 An iOS dictionary application has rewarded those who bought it by hijacking their Twitter feeds to post cooked-up piracy confessions. The Japanese maker of the dictionary apps has apologised and posted fixed versions, but the #softwarepirateconfession tweets are still coming in at a good clip, much to the chagrin of law-abiding, […]

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Nude photos of Justin Bieber a ruse: bellybutton tells the tale! Think before you click

Posted October 11, 2012 Nude photos allegedly of the star began circulating soon after his laptop and camera were stolen. Clicking on such files is always a bad idea, given that malware loves to piggyback on celebrity news. Besides, as any true Belieber knows, Justin has an outie. Read the full story on Naked Security.

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Judge denies Home Depot’s demand for worker’s emotion-laden Facebook posts

Posted September 18, 2012 A federal California judge has ruled that Home Depot can’t rummage through a former worker’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media posts and pictures to prove that she lied about emotional distress caused by her employer’s alleged wrongdoing. But some of her Facebook posts are fair game. Read the full […]

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Reuters’s Twitter, WordPress accounts hacked by apparent pro-Syrian government attackers

Posted August 7, 2012 The news giant is suspected of falling prey to attackers who took advantage of its running news operations on an insecure, out-of-date WordPress version. Check out the full story on Naked Security.  

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UnSteveDorkland Twitter spoofer accused of hacking newspaper group

Posted July 31, 2012 Whoever runs the spoof Twitter account is facing four criminal charges for poking fun at a UK newspaper group’s executive. Read about it here. 

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Employers on track to get more nosey with employees’ social media lives

Posted May 31, 2012 By 2015, 60% of employers are likely to be eavesdropping on our social media selves to make sure our e-blabbing isn’t poking security holes into their outfits, according to a recent report. Read the full story on Naked Security. 

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Doctors shouldn’t buddy up with patients on Facebook or Twitter, hospitals warn

Posted May 21, 2012 Hospitals, worried about lack of professionalism and inadvertent leaking of confidential data, are warning doctors not to set up relationships with patients on Facebook and Twitter. Read the full story.

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US surgeon booted off cruise ship, accused of sending terrorist tweet

Posted May 9, 2012 US neurosurgeon and low-carbohydrate diet guru Dr. Jack Kruse found himself unceremoniously plucked off a cruise ship and deposited on the shore after a tweet including his name mentioned a bio-terrorist attack against the ship. The story’s on Naked Security. 

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Bogus Twitter and Wikipedia sites fined and booted offline

Posted February 17, 2012 Two typosquatting sites, “Wikapedia.com” and “Twtter.com,” have been forced offline and fined £100,000 ($156,000) each by a UK telephone regulatory agency. In this post, I pass along tips on how you can avoid falling victim to typosquatters. Here’s the Naked Security article.

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