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Hot Tech Skills Bend Resume-Writing Rules

What grabbed the recruiter’s eye was the security pro’s certification, on top of his resume and smack dab in front of her face. Read the story.

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Test Your Cover Letter

Use my handy-dandy new test to score your cover letter before submission/deal-blowing.

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Ditch Your Resume’s Eyebrow-Raising Accomplishments

Some career results are so over-the-top or irrelevant, they can skew your job chances. Read the story here.

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How to Write a Thank-You Note When You Didn’t Get the Job

Run your letter through the quiz I wrote for TheLadders to make sure it’s gracious enough to build bridges instead of torching your future job chances.

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Thank-You Letter Quiz

Test your thank-you letter to determine whether it would pass muster with our panel of hiring professionals. Check out the full story.

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Boolean Ninjas

Can killer keyword searches and adept Boolean combinations make up for a weak pipeline when it comes to delivering top-notch candidates? Here’s a hint: It’s so important, some recruiters I approached for this story refused to blab about their tricks. The thinking: Why tip off the competition? I still managed to glean a ton of […]

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Fool the ATS

How’s this for too much of a good thing? In her former position as director of teacher recruitment for the New York City Department of Education’s 1,600 schools, Tracy Brisson and her staff on a yearly basis handled some 13,000 resumes generated from the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Even with sophisticated ATS technologies, recruiters still […]

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Refresh Your Resume for 2011 Before You Have To

The new year is the perfect to time to reflect on milestones, refresh the accomplishments and performance numbers and put it all down in your resume, should you need one in 2011. Check out the full story here.

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The Resume Match Is Up to You

Don’t expect the resume screener to be an expert. It’s up to you (and your resume) to direct the conversation that will match you to the job. Check out the full story on TheLadders.

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The Letter to Write When You Don’t Get the Job

Don’t get mad; get gracious. A follow-up letter after you don’t get the job is so rare, you’ll stand out. It may even lead to future recommendations or another job. Read the full article here.

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