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US cop awarded $1 million over randy officers’ illegal use of license database as a private Facebook

Posted November 7, 2012 A former police officer has been awarded $1,057,000 in settlement payments after she filed suits charging privacy invasion against fellow officers who illegally accessed her photo and address more than 500 times. Read the full story on Naked Security.

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Undercover cop outed on Facebook, woman arrested for posting photo

Posted October 18, 2012 Police arrested a Texas woman for allegedly posting a photo of an undercover police officer onto her Facebook page. The case shows that it’s time that police learn how vulnerable they are in a social media world. Here’s more.

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Facebook troll outed as policeman

Posted August 30, 2012 A UK woman has endured months of poisonous messages, email hacking, online impersonation, and her daughter’s image getting pasted onto a photo of a lap dancer, all over her words of support for an X Factor contestant. Here’s the full story.

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