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Top Resume Mistakes

I interviewed HR managers to find out which resume mistakes they see over and over again and how to avoid them. Click on through for the checklist I came up with to make sure your resume isn’t one of the clunkers.

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Brainstorm Your Way to a Kick-Ass Resume

Writing about yourself is hard, even for many professional writers. But brainstorming techniques can get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing. Check out the story here.

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How Verbs Make Your Resume Sizzle

Your resume’s verbs can limp across the document and put hiring managers to sleep, or they can grab a recruiter by the throat, inspiring him to reach for the phone to schedule an interview. Lunge for the full story and devour it here.

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The Problem-Solver Resume

Your resume should present you as the answer to an employer’s problems. This article, posted on TheLadders, provides guidelines on how to uncover their pain points and put yourself out there as their solution.

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How to Proofread Your Resume

Should you proofread your resume backwards? Print out your resume? Give it to a friend to review? Yes, yes and yes — and that’s just a start. Read the full article here on TheLadders.

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What to Bring to a Job Interview

Resume hard copies, resume addenda, good questions, and *not* your annoying, buzzing appliances or lame, general questions. Read the full article here on TheLadders.

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Getting Your Cover Letter Noticed

Understanding your cover letter’s electronic journey will give you an edge when matching wits with automated applicant tracking systems. This article gets into the ATS technology of how your cover letter gets parsed. To read the full article, click here, and for the accompanying article on TheLadders, which will keep you from making those lame […]

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How to Craft an Attention-Getting Resume Title

The language you use to describe yourself on the top of your resume can define your job search. Choose your job title carefully.

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Always Have a Plain-Text Resume On Hand

Word .docs look terrible as plain-text files if you just change the extension. Check out this article I wrote for The Ladders to find out how to create a plain-text resume, how to ensure your formatting meets best practices no matter what version you’re using, and when exactly to use such a beast.

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When Companies Merge, Do Resumes Fall Through the Cracks?

In an era of consolidation, hiring software collates every applicant’s resume. Read this story, which I wrote for The Ladders, to make sure you stay at the top of the pile.

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