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Don’t Bother Being Honest in Exit Interviews

Posted 10-07-2012 If your employer couldn’t find the time to ask you what was good or bad about working at the company while you were still working there, why bother withhonesty and potentially burned bridges now? (If they did ask, give them constructive feedback before you leave this job; they deserve it). Read the feature story on HP Input/Output.

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Interview Tips for Techie-Aspies

Posted October 11, 2012 You’re on the Asperger’s Syndrome spectrum, and you know technology inside and out, but human interaction? That’s a hard one. Reading nonverbal cues is tough, making eye contact is painful, and your body language can mistakenly convey that you don’t even want the job. Here are some tips on mastering all that touchy-feely […]

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How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Question

Yeah, we know you’d rather just talk about your skills, and yes, we know, you don’t like to actually, like, talk to people, but, well, do you want the job? Yes? Then get over that introverted, antisocial techie thing. Here’s the article on HP Input/Output. Read it! Love it! Roll around in it!

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How to Reapply After a Rejection

Don’t give up! Here’s how to tweak your resume and try again.

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What to Bring to a Job Interview

Resume hard copies, resume addenda, good questions, and *not* your annoying, buzzing appliances or lame, general questions. Read the full article here on TheLadders.

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Prepare to be Quizzed: The Job Assessment

Traditionally used to screen out entry-level applicants for retailers, pre-hire job assessment tests help shrinking HR departments weed through senior-level applicants. Click here to find out more in the story I wrote for The Ladders.

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How to Choose Your Job References

How do you pick the directors, coworkers and direct reports who will be your job references? And once you’ve picked them, how and when do you put them in front of a recruiting professional? For a condensed version of the story I wrote for The Ladders, click here. For the complete story, read on: According […]

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How to Protect Your Resume from Identity Theft

Another casualty of the recession is data security, as a growing number of departing employees walk off with their former employers’ data. Unfortunately, that data can easily be yours: Witness the growing number of employers such as Aetna that are getting sued for allegedly failing to protect personal data of job applicants. You can, however, […]

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How to (Diplomatically) Skirt Inappropriate Interview Questions

He was in his early 50s, and he looked every bit of it. The questions on the job application went right to his age. After stewing over the form and discarding his first draft, he filled out a second copy. Then, he sat and waited for his interview. As he waited, an attractive, young woman […]

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“Highly Qualified” People Don’t Need to Say That in Their Resumes

You’re highly qualified. You’re results-focused. You’re also energetic, confident and professional — and if you put those words in your resume, you’ve just caused a hiring professional’s eyes to glaze over. Check out the full story for other flimsy, fluffy, weak words that shouldn’t appear on your resume.

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