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Medical group fined $140K for tossing patients’ health records into public dump

Posted  January 15, 2013 Medical diagnoses for cancer patients, names and Social Security numbers all went into the trash, unredacted and unshredded, probably in a very misguided effort to save a few bucks on proper record destruction. Read the full story on Naked Security.

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Doctors shouldn’t buddy up with patients on Facebook or Twitter, hospitals warn

Posted May 21, 2012 Hospitals, worried about lack of professionalism and inadvertent leaking of confidential data, are warning doctors not to set up relationships with patients on Facebook and Twitter. Read the full story.

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US health insurer fined $1.5m over 2009 data breach

Posted  March 15, 2012 I know doctors who roll their eyes at the idea of HIPAA. They resent the way the legislation slows down the delivery of care to their patients. I can sympathize, but this $1.5m fine, the first ever to be carried out under HIPAA/HITECH, should make it clear: The onus is on […]

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