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Ridiculously redacted interpretation of FISA snooping law released

Posted  January 16, 2013 US privacy organization EFF invites you to click on thumbnails of the summaries it managed to pry out of the government, but let’s save your finger muscles the workout with this summaries summary: ——————————. Read the full story, in which I use words, punctuation and the like, because I am not […]

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Ban on in-flight gadget use: based on fear or evidence?

Posted September 11, 2012 A recent poll shows that people use their electronic devices on planes, RF interference be damned. Is the lack of planes dropping like shot ducks proof that the ban is illogical, or is electromagnetic emissions pollution more subtle and intermittent than that? For more, here’s the story.

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Want to use your gadgets at takeoff and landing? US FAA to review policy

Posted March 20, 2012 It doesn’t quite stretch to smartphones yet, but the US Federal Aviation Administration has announced they’re going to take a “fresh look” at using personal devices such as e-readers and tablets during takeoff on planes. Here’s the article.

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