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How Full-Time Parents Can Reclaim a Full-Time Job

You don’t have to be paid for your efforts to list them as work experience on your resume. Check out these tales of full-time parents and how resume professionals helped to frame their experience and skills and get them back to full-time work.

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How to Reapply After a Rejection

Don’t give up! Here’s how to tweak your resume and try again.

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Are Video Resumes Ready for Their Closeup?

Video is one way to stand out, but so is networking, researching the company and writing directly to the right person. Read the story here.

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Time for Resume Spring Cleaning

Unless you’re prepared to edit out old information and streamline the rest, your resume becomes an outdated clutter. Click here for the full story.

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‘Why Did You Leave?’ How to Address Past Employment

Parting can be such not-sweet sorrow if your explanation is clunky in an interview. In this article I give tips on positioning your resume (and your head) to provide a positive answer to the question: “Why did you leave?”

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How to Explain Employment Gaps, Sabbaticals and Negatives on Your Resume

Here’s how to avoid putting a negative spin on your work glitches and how to stop hiring managers from wondering what you really did with your time. Read the story here.

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Negotiate a Bigger Salary with Your Resume

Careful with that phrasing! Certain words and phrases can reduce your compensation. Read the whole story here.

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Making Your Resume Format Machine-Friendly

I wrote this last spring but need to get it on my blog because I keep referring to it and have to keep tracking down the URL! Click here if you didn’t catch the package in the first go-round. It covers how to format a resume so that the software that recruiters use to store […]

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Top Resume Mistakes

I interviewed HR managers to find out which resume mistakes they see over and over again and how to avoid them. Click on through for the checklist I came up with to make sure your resume isn’t one of the clunkers.

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Brainstorm Your Way to a Kick-Ass Resume

Writing about yourself is hard, even for many professional writers. But brainstorming techniques can get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing. Check out the story here.

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