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Alleged TeaMp0isoN teen hackers charged with jamming anti-terrorist hotline

Posted April 17, 2012 Two teenagers have been arrested following a series of prank calls and DoS (denial-of-service) attacks launched against the Anti-Terrorist Hotline. Read the full story.

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Election-day cyber attack scandal rocks South Korea’s ruling party

Did governing politicians in South Korea approve an election-day cyber attack? Three of South Korea’s top seven leaders quit their posts over the DDoS scandal. Read more. 

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UK police foiled attack on royal wedding website

UK police were able to foil attempts at disrupting the international web presence of the royal wedding. The site remained online despite record interest in the ceremony. They’ve fingered a 16-year-old for triggering the DDoS: Another clear indication of why kids should be cocooned until they’re 30, or possibly work on something a little more […]

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