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Don’t Bother Being Honest in Exit Interviews

Posted 10-07-2012 If your employer couldn’t find the time to ask you what was good or bad about working at the company while you were still working there, why bother withhonesty and potentially burned bridges now? (If they did ask, give them constructive feedback before you leave this job; they deserve it). Read the feature story on HP Input/Output.

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How to Negotiate Tech Pay

Posted on on 2012-04-05 Know the potential for wiggle room, avoid selling yourself short, and pretend that the employer is some hot thing with whom you’re about to get lucky if you know how to work the bargaining/romancing. Read the story. 

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How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Question

Yeah, we know you’d rather just talk about your skills, and yes, we know, you don’t like to actually, like, talk to people, but, well, do you want the job? Yes? Then get over that introverted, antisocial techie thing. Here’s the article on HP Input/Output. Read it! Love it! Roll around in it!

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What to Do When an Employee Cries (Legal) Wolf

There are nightmare employees who threaten legal action on flimsy grounds, including charges of racial, gender, or disability discrimination. How do you defend your company? Conversely, are you sure they’re not right? Read the feature story on HP Input/Output. 

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Social media, the ultimate career-squasher

Posted January 16, 2012 A new survey finds that 56% are likely to check out the social media profiles of potential employees. If you want to avoid limiting your career progression, it might be time to clean up your social networking accounts. Read the full story on Naked Security.

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Would You Fire This Person?

In this case study, I present you with a problem employee. You are hereby invited to help his frazzled boss either a) deal with this employee or b) show the guy the nearest exit. I solicited input from a bunch of IT bosses and management experts regarding how they’d respond, and at the end I reveal the true fate […]

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A Tech Recruiters’ Guide to Driving Hiring Managers Insane

Headhunters must have a playbook that urges them to “Spam your clients! Offer them—over and over—tech candidates who have norelevant skills!” Herein you’ll find mostly horror stories, but also some input on how to avoid the worst offenders. Read the full story.

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Tales From The Crypt of Tech Recruiter Cluelessness

Tech recruiters are attracted by the pheromones of money, as persistent as gnats, and more annoying because gnats at least know the difference between a blood bag and a rock. Herein I present a rogues’ gallery of stupid recruiter tricks, plus a little advice on dealing with them from a recalcitrant gnat. Here’s the story.

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How to Avoid Blowing Your IT Job Interview

I asked hiring managers what they REALLY want, and it ain’t acronym-spewers. http://bit.ly/pqkZhS #hpio #career #hiring #interviewing

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Are IT certs worth it?

Article on whether those fancy acronyms show that a) candidates KNoW their sTUFF or b) you got SUCKERed.

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