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Mobile apps for kids collecting and sharing information with third parties

Posted December 12, 2012 The second of two FTC reports on kids’ mobile apps shows that the industry hasn’t improved with regards to privacy, with many apps sharing personal information with third parties, all without notifying parents or asking for their permission. Read the story now.

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But did she STEAL the iPhone? App takes photo of woman trying to unlock it

Posted December 11, 2012 A woman who tried to unlock a stolen iPhone unwittingly took her own photo. An application on the phone then automatically sent the photo to the owner, who called the police. It’s a good reminder that there are tools out there, either free or darn close to it, that can track […]

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Goatse hacker Auernheimer found guilty of breaching AT&T to access customer iPad data

Posted November 22, 2012 A hacker claims he was disclosing a security flaw responsibly. But IRC transcripts show that the Goatse hacking group was instead musing about shorting AT&T stock, discussed selling 120,000 email addresses to spammers, and never told AT&T about the vulnerability in the first place. Here’s the full story.

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iOS dictionary apps posting false piracy “confessions” onto users’ Twitter accounts

Posted November 14, 2012 An iOS dictionary application has rewarded those who bought it by hijacking their Twitter feeds to post cooked-up piracy confessions. The Japanese maker of the dictionary apps has apologised and posted fixed versions, but the #softwarepirateconfession tweets are still coming in at a good clip, much to the chagrin of law-abiding, […]

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Google staffs up ‘Red Team’ to protect the world from its privacy lapses

Posted August 24, 2012 Is the job listing for a Data Privacy Engineer proof that Google’s mending its privacy ways, or is the gesture as empty as the HTML form it used to slip past Safari’s no-tracking controls? For all the gory details, read the full story on Naked Security.

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How to keep Apple Geniuses from pouring whiskey into your Mac

Posted August 23, 2012 Back up, encrypt, and beware, since your data and your gadgets are sitting ducks when they’re in the repair shop, a recent bad-Apple store story reminds us. For more Apple Store shenanigans, read the story here.

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Apple’s Siri voiceprints raise privacy concerns

Posted June 28, 2012 Most of us likely wouldn’t want Apple to store a copy of our DNA or our fingerprints, but that’s pretty much what it’s doing with another one of our biometric identifiers: namely, our voices. Read it. 

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Should jailbreaking gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets be legalized?

Posted May 18, 2012 Yesterday, US copyright regulators opened up the floodgates for a public hearing of proposals to change copyright law, including authorizing the cracking of tablets, DVDs, gaming consoles and mobile phones. You bought it. Should you be legally allowed to jailbreak it? Here’s the piece. 

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Mac Malware Targeting Unpatched Office Running on OS X

Posted May 5, 2012 Microsoft is reporting that malware is exploiting unpatched versions of its Microsoft Office Word 2000 suite to compromise Apple Macintoshes running Snow Leopard or earlier versions of Mac OS X. You go, girl. 

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Mac OS X Lion Update Exposes Clear-Text Passwords

Posted May 7, 2012 Even if it’s patched soon, Mac users should be aware that original, plain-text passwords might be retrievable from Time Capsule backups. The story’s on eWEEK. 

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