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Crunch Your Own Damn Resumé

Are you tired of kissing your resume goodbye, consigning it to the black hole of automated resume processing systems, never to hear a peep from people who, for all you know, are laughing at whatever came out the other end? Now, (finally!) there are tools that (try to) predict the garbled gunk into which many […]

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How to (Kindly! Gently!) Tell Users That Their IT Problems Are Their Own Fault

Posted on 2012-03-27 It’s not that you mind being called over when their monitors are unplugged. It’s that it’s happened multiple times — to the same users. Herein, I explain how to let users know they’re idiots without a) telling them they’re idiots and b) getting a reputation as a jerk. Yes, it’s possible. Read the […]

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Would You Fire This Person?

In this case study, I present you with a problem employee. You are hereby invited to help his frazzled boss either a) deal with this employee or b) show the guy the nearest exit. I solicited input from a bunch of IT bosses and management experts regarding how they’d respond, and at the end I reveal the true fate […]

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