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How to Write a Thank-You Note When You Didn’t Get the Job

Run your letter through the quiz I wrote for TheLadders to make sure it’s gracious enough to build bridges instead of torching your future job chances.

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The Letter to Write When You Don’t Get the Job

Don’t get mad; get gracious. A follow-up letter after you don’t get the job is so rare, you’ll stand out. It may even lead to future recommendations or another job. Read the full article here.

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Follow Up Without Being a Pest

Check out these guidelines on when and how to follow up without coming off as a stalker.

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How Not to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Angry e-mail? Check. Thank-you messages read from scripts? Check. Here’s a rogues’ gallery of what else not to do.

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Following Up On an Anonymous Posting

Job seekers pull their hair out over how and whether to follow up on job applications posted by anonymous companies. In this piece, I explore how it’s done and whether you should.

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