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Test Your Cover Letter

Use my handy-dandy new test to score your cover letter before submission/deal-blowing.

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How to Write a Thank-You Note When You Didn’t Get the Job

Run your letter through the quiz I wrote for TheLadders to make sure it’s gracious enough to build bridges instead of torching your future job chances.

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Thank-You Letter Quiz

Test your thank-you letter to determine whether it would pass muster with our panel of hiring professionals. Check out the full story.

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The Letter to Write When You Don’t Get the Job

Don’t get mad; get gracious. A follow-up letter after you don’t get the job is so rare, you’ll stand out. It may even lead to future recommendations or another job. Read the full article here.

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Follow Up Without Being a Pest

Check out these guidelines on when and how to follow up without coming off as a stalker.

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How to Write an Effective Resignation Letter

A good resignation letter leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling for managers and human resources managers when you go, as opposed to the smell of burning bridges. Read the full story here.

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How Not to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Angry e-mail? Check. Thank-you messages read from scripts? Check. Here’s a rogues’ gallery of what else not to do.

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Following Up On an Anonymous Posting

Job seekers pull their hair out over how and whether to follow up on job applications posted by anonymous companies. In this piece, I explore how it’s done and whether you should.

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Hey interview subjects, you’re likely in print now!

TheLadders has published a book, “You’re Better Than Your Job Search,” that reprints quite a few of the resume articles I’ve written for them over the past few years. Unfortunately, they stripped my byline from my stories, but if you pick up the book, the “Your Resume” section reprints some of the invaluable input I’ve […]

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How to Follow Up On a Resume Submission

How soon is too soon to send an e-mail or make a phone call? When does persistence become annoyance? Read the full story on TheLadders.

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