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A Timeline of Facebook user privacy freak-out

Hey Zuckerberg! Maybe your personal Timeline right about now should show some rethinking on how much of your users’ personal information you choose to make public as standard. Read the post on #Naked Security.

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Innovate or Suffer Slow Brain Asphyxiation

Entrepreneurship is declining, which sucks not only for the country but for the novelty-seeking basal ganglia of the technologist’s neural structure. Herein, how to gauge a company’s innovation climate before swearing employee allegiance, with some insights into re-sanguination for anemic corporate climates. It involves a little knowledge of brain chemistry, and your readiness to ask […]

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Crowd-sourcing mischief on Google Maps leads customers astray

As if we weren’t already a drifting, confused mob of smartphone-jabbing zombies already, Google has presented a new way to baffle business customers. Read the story on #Naked Security. #social networks #spam #security

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WikiLeaks Exposes Thousands of Sources In Written-Password SNAFU

The cone of silence over WikiLeaks’ thousands of sources—many of whose lives are at risk if identified—has been shattered, all thanks to the most mundane, all-too-human security screwup imaginable. To wit: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wrote down the password on a piece of paper. Let us hope that this carelessness, this breathtaking lapse in security […]

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How to Find a Resume Pro Who Understands What the *&^% You Do for a Living

There are other options for resume help besides, say, your Aunt Philamena’s airheaded offspring. Read the story at HP I/O.

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How to Avoid Blowing Your IT Job Interview

I asked hiring managers what they REALLY want, and it ain’t acronym-spewers. #hpio #career #hiring #interviewing

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