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Facebook nears settlement with FTC on privacy opt-in

The settlement addresses charges that the company misled users about how it would use their personal information. Facebook would be required to obtain user consent before making “material retroactive changes” but wouldn’t have to change current policies. I really hope I get feedback on this one, because honestly, I don’t know if I’m reading the […]

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Research finds that privacy tools don’t work

Users can neither understand nor configure tools which claim to improve their privacy, according to new research from Carnegie Mellon. Is there any way we can achieve online privacy? Click here for the full story.

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Anonymous takes down El Salvadoran sites

Anonymous launched DDoS attacks against El Salvador’s government, forcing several websites to be temporarily taken offline. The full story’s here.

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DARPA pleads with hackers for help in cyberspace war

In a first-ever conference, officials warned that bloated security software is no match for lean, nimble malware as the country battles unnamed enemies. Here’s the full story.

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Anonymous shifts anti-Zetas operation to safer channels

Following the murder of multiple bloggers and reports that the Mexican drug cartel has hired narcohackers to help track Anonymous members for violent retaliation, the hacktivists have put into play a process that will hopefully shield Anonymous identities. Check out the story on Naked Security.

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A *really* crazy way to stay private and baffle the FBI

Instead of fighting an FBI investigation based on an erroneous report, Hasan Elahi instead resorted to data bulimia, giving them, and anyone wishing to access his site, more data than they could ever wish for. Question is, does this approach give Mr Elahi better privacy? I vehemently agree with those who suggest that guarding one’s […]

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Is Klout stalking your kids?

One parent finds that, thanks to a lack of reliance on opt-in for Klout and Facebook’s Byzantine new platform rules, her son has been accorded a Klout profile without intent nor desire. It could easily happen to your kids, too. Read the story on NakedSecurity.

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Thanks for Sharing

Well of course we’re sharing too much on social media. The cat’s out of the bag, and it’s being served with a nice cat demi-glace. Herein, some suggestions from the infosec crowd on how to keep your and/or your organization’s little privacy kittens from being sadly easy to find and to use as phishing bait. Read the […]

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How to find out everything that Facebook *really* knows about you

Max Schrems, a 24-year-old law student from Vienna, a meticulous document requester and researcher, is now sitting on a pile of 1,200 pages that comprise his personal-data Facebook dossier. Huge kudos to Mr. Schrems for filling 22 complaints against Facebook for repeated, pervasive privacy missteps. Read the story on Naked Security.    

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Government Uses Secret Order to Pry Open WikiLeaks Email

The Feds have obtained access to WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum’s email accounts with the help of a law that lets them go after email and cellphones without a search warrant. Read the full story at Naked Security.  

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