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Mac Malware Targeting Unpatched Office Running on OS X

Posted May 5, 2012 Microsoft is reporting that malware is exploiting unpatched versions of its Microsoft Office Word 2000 suite to compromise Apple Macintoshes running Snow Leopard or earlier versions of Mac OS X. You go, girl. 

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Android Malware Spreading for First Time via Hacked Sites

Posted May 3, 2012 Lookout Mobile Security is seeing the first Trojan that’s coming over as a drive-by download, which hopefully won’t spread far, given the compromised sites’ relatively low traffic. Read the story. 

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Mac OS X Lion Update Exposes Clear-Text Passwords

Posted May 7, 2012 Even if it’s patched soon, Mac users should be aware that original, plain-text passwords might be retrievable from Time Capsule backups. The story’s on eWEEK. 

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US man confesses to part in $1.3M bank and payroll phishing scam

Posted May 8, 2012 A 31-year-old US man from Atlanta, Georgia, admitted last week that he and his gang stole more than $1.3 million USD by phishing confidential account information from e-commerce sites. Be careful, particularly if you do your banking at a large online bank, because those are now scammers’ favored phishing grounds. The Anti-Phishing […]

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13 million US Facebook users not using, or oblivious to, privacy controls

Posted May 4, 2012 We already knew that people weren’t doing enough to protect their privacy on Facebook, but a new report has looked into this in more detail, and the numbers make for alarming reading. Consumer Reports also put out a bunch of good tips on how to use FB privacy controls, which we […]

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Skype knew about IP address security flaw since November 2010

Posted May 3, 2012 Skype learned about a security hole that reveals users’ IP addresses about 18 months ago, according to the security researchers who discovered the vulnerability. Here’s the story.

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64% of people think cloud storage is risky, but 45% still go right ahead and use it

Posted May 2, 2012 Sophos polled people at their InfoSec Europe booth last week to find out their views on security in the workplace. Here’s what they found.

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Intruder compromises user database for Star Trek Online and other MMORPGs

Posted April 30, 2012 The studio behind Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, City of Villains, and Champions Online suffered a user account database breach 16 months ago… and is only warning users about it now. Read it. 

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Mobile phone carriers oppose law requiring warrants for location data

Posted April 27, 2012 The proposed US bill doesn’t stop the carriers from handing over location data, but it does require that police get a warrant first. So what is CTIA’s problem with it? Read it and weep.

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