Would You Fire This Person?

In this case study, I present you with a problem employee. You are hereby invited to help his frazzled boss either a) deal with this employee or b) show the guy the nearest exit. I solicited input from a bunch of IT bosses and management experts regarding how they’d respond, and at the end I reveal the true fate of this real-life IT worker. Check out the story at Input-Output.


One Response to “Would You Fire This Person?”

  1. Ben December 31, 2011 5:05 pm


    I read a recent piece you submitted for The Ladders regarding the use of ATS systems for parsing electronically submitted resumes.

    My question for you is regarding the best format in which to submit the resume electronically. I have my resume saved in both PDF and as a MS Word doc. After reading your article, it appears that I should be submitting my resume in either Plain or Rich Text. True? If so, is one format preferred over another?

    Lastly, since my resumes have been submitted in either PDF or Word, should I resubmit my resume using the preferred format?

    Thanks so much and have a very happy and peaceful New Year.